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A Fantasy Hair With Necessary Care

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Why hair care is so important to help your beutiful hair last longer?

Yes! Euryale virgin hair can last much longer than you expect if maintained well.

Some useful tips:
Always combing with wide-teeth combs! Fine teeth comb and brushes do no good to your hair cuticles; make the hair fuzzy and tangle!

Wash with cold or warm water: soak with mild shampoo and rinse with cold/warm water;
Do not strengthen hardly on the wavy/curly hair during wash & rinse;
Air dry the hair after using dry towel to suck out the water.
Never point directly with your hair blower at high temperature, instead, wrapping with big paper roll or towel would be better to avoid scorching your hair.

Oil your virgin hair after air dry. This help keep your hair healthy and last long. 
Need more hair care detailed instructions? 
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